Andreas Stickel is a musician, sound engineer and producer. He studied bass guitar at BSM Munich (1998-1999) and sound engineering at RSH and FH Düsseldorf (2000-2007).

So far he has worked with bands and artists like

Darienski (own project, writing, several instruments, production)

Honeymunch (band member, bass, production)

Jumbo Jet (production, recording, mixing, bass (studio))

Sea and Air (production, recording, mastering, bass (studio))

Popstickel (band member,writing, production, guitar, bass, moog) 

Darien Ski Team (band member, writing, production, bass)

Paul Pilot (bass (live), mastering)

Daniel Benjamin (bass (live), mastering)

Gordon Raphael (bass (studio), recording)

Jennifer Rostock (bass (studio), recording)

Marlon (bass (studio), recording)

Flames of the Dance Show (bass (live))

Bird Dogs (bass (live and studio))

Roxi (bass (live))

Eso Es (bass (studio))

Michael Squire (bass (studio))

Jaqueline Blouin (bass (studio))

All the Luck in the World (Mastering)

Duke Special (Mastering)

Clare and the Reasons (Mastering)

Rue Royale (Mastering)

The Tombola Theory (Mastering)

Heike Makatsch und derhundmarie (Mastering)

Alin Coen Band (Mastering)

Chogori (Mastering)

Guide Books (Mastering)

Raj Mandir (Mixing)

Nigel Wright (Mastering)

FOUR AM (Mastering)

Silvia and the Fishes on Friday (Mastering)

Chio (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

Music he produced was used for:

  • Sex and the City
  • Buds Best – Documentary about Bud Spencer for ARTE
  • N-TV
  • Peek & Cloppenburg
  • Freenet
  • Website of author Heribert Rank

Produced and performed theatre music for:

„Licht frei Haus“ by  Thomas Melle for „Schwebebühne Berlin“